Are Corgis good apartment dogs – Best dog breed for apartment living

One of the most popular dog breeds today, Corgis are delightful dogs who will definitely make you go “aww!” They are cute, adorable, and true bundles of joy. 

But, are Corgis good apartment dogs? 

Will they do well without big spaces and no backyard? Will they be able to adjust to an apartment? How difficult is it to train them? Are they friendly dogs? Here are the answers to all your questions.

Are Corgis good apartment dogs?

What makes a dog ideal for apartment living? Some of the things that come to mind are – easy to train, friendliness, moderate to no barking, moderate to small size, and good adaptability. Let’s see if Corgi dogs have any of these qualities.

What’s great about the Corgis?

Great things about CorgisThe Corgis were originally bred to be herd dogs. They are hence active and very intelligent dogs. This makes training them much easier compared to other breeds. They are willing to learn and do so enthusiastically. This attribute takes away a lot of the family’s worries you can train them basis the available space and your preferences. 

Corgis have a great sense of duty. They almost always obey commands instantly and do so because they really want to. This makes them one of the best pets to have for family. And to have this quality while living in an apartment makes the family’s life much easier. 

Corgis can adapt to all kinds of spaces. Whether it is the farm, a big bungalow, or an apartment, these intelligent dogs will adapt to the home and become comfortable in the surroundings. This means they will not have any problems adjusting to an apartment. 

Corgis are very friendly and happy dogs. They engage and are extremely affectionate with the family. They are incredibly great with kids and are also good with other pets. Being very playful, Corgis will surely keep you, and the kids occupied.

While they can be shy around strangers, they are generally very friendly and get along easily. This makes them great for an apartment where you are likely to run into other residents, and also possibly other pets.

Just like how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a Corgi by its size. Though short, they are strong and brave dogs who aren’t scared of anyone. They will guard the family and their territory with all its might. So, you can sleep easy as the Corgi will protect you from any intruders.

Important things to know about Corgis

Important things about Corgis

  • Corgis shed a lot of hair. And when we say a lot, we mean more than you can imagine. The hair will find its way into your clothes, furniture, kitchen, everywhere. Getting rid of this hair through vacuuming or using other methods will become a daily routine for you. This is a small price to pay when you think about all the love and happiness they will shower upon you. 
  • Some Corgis are known to incessantly bark at strangers. They can also be really loud. This can get really annoying for you and for your neighbors. However, with early training and directions, this problem can be overcome. 
  • Corgis are very active dogs and also need some daily exercise. Hence it is recommended that if you are staying in an apartment, you take them out to the park regularly.  However, do note that going up and down the stairs is bad for the Corgi’s back. So, this should be avoided in all scenarios. 

Conclusion – Are Corgis good apartment dogs?

Corgis are evidently great for you because they make excellent apartment dogs. Though they are slightly high maintenance, the positives clearly outweigh this. If you can take them to the park every day to fulfill their exercise requirements, then keeping them in an apartment should not be a problem.   

They are smart, intelligent, and will easily adapt to any space. And do not forget the adorable looks that they flaunt. Corgis are the complete package and are definitely great apartment dogs.

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