Are Ultrasonic Bark Devices Safe? – Find the Real Truth

There are many instances when dogs start barking and do not stop for a very long time. The reason sometimes is not known by the owners also. This constant barking can create a lot of disturbance in the house and the neighborhood. Many people find the continuous barking of dogs irritating and start complaining about the same. So there are now devices available in the market that can control the barking of your dog.

Is Ultrasonic Bark Control Safe for Dogs?

These devices are ultrasonic bark devices which generally comes in the form of ultrasonic bark control collar or an ultrasonic box. These collars once worn by dogs helps in controlling the barking of the dog. The boxes, however, can be kept in the yard or the house to control the barking.

Working of the ultrasonic bark device

The ultrasonic device detects the barking of the dog and starts emitting ultrasonic sound. This sound is only audible to dogs and is not in the range of soundwaves of what humans can hear. Once the device begins emitting ultrasonic sound dog starts looking around to check the surroundings and stops barking.

People generally go for ultrasonic collars as it is easy for a dog to wear and it instantly starts emitting the sound waves when the dog starts barking.

Is ultrasonic bark control device is safe?

This device is helpful in controlling the aggressive behavior of your dog, and it also claims to help in control the barking and reducing it. But the question arises that are these Ultrasonic bark control devices safe?

Now a lot of owners have reported that they can’t hear the sound that it emits and is only audible to dogs and this is scary. Because how would one know is it safe or not for dogs is the first question. There have been reports that suggest that sometimes dogs get habituated to the sound of ultrasonic bark device and do not respond to the sound.

Another drawback of this device is that some people keep such ultrasonic boxes in their yard or garden and the dogs in the proximity of this area are affected by the sound that is emitted by this device. So there is a possibility that your dog doesn’t bark but the device kept in its vicinity might affect your dog’s behavior.

A lot of owners have noticed that dogs start behaving strangely because the dogs do not know from where the sound is coming and also get scared. The are reports of changes in the dog’s behavior too.

I don’t like the concept of this device as we don’t know the sound the machine is making. Some people have said that the sound is unpleasant and can disturb the dog.

Another major issue is that dogs get used to the sound and stop reacting to it. In that case, these devices are of no use, and some other alternative effective way should be tried to control the dog’s barking.

Alternate ways to deal with the continuous barking of your little friend:

The ultrasonic device uses a sound to interrupt the dog’s barking, and you can use the same concept to do so! You can start using a peculiar sound when your dog starts barking excessively. The sound that you both can hear. Try and keep the sound to be soothing and calm so that it can have some effects on your dog. In case your dog doesn’t stop barking and turns aggressive then a firm and verbal commands at the high pitch are more useful to make your dogs stop barking.

You can train your dogs onto your commands in your voice which will help in stopping them everytime they bark. These ways are more effective then the devices as dogs recognize their owner’s voice easily and can respond in a specific way if they are trained well.


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