Best Blankets for Dog Hair – Top Pet Hair Resistant Blankets of 2019

Everyone loves their dogs, but no one loves cleaning the dog hair literally that is everywhere in your house. I know the plight of seeing my favourite blanket covered in dog hair. Also, the situations when my guest comes over and my couch is covered with my dog Bella’s hair. I know dogs tend to shed their hair and although there are a lot of supplements available for reducing it, there is no complete prevention for the hair shedding. After doing thorough research on what works best for the dog hair, I came across the blanket for dog hair.

Best Blankets for Dog Hair

Using this blanket is easy. You can keep this blanket wherever your dog likes to sit and sleep most of the time. It is also best for keeping it in the bedding of the pet. Keeping a blanket or covering your pet with it avoids the dog hair to spread elsewhere in the house. There are many options available for the dog blankets in the market both offline and online. To select the best one for your little friend, I am going to share the list of the best and top-rated blanket.

1. PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

PetFusion Premium Pet BlanketThis blanket is one of the most loved quilts among the dog owners. The blanket is shed resistant and also has dense fibres. The blanket is mostly suitable for all the dog breeds. There are two colours of the blankets to choose from Medium or light grey. The rug is easy to clean as it is machine washable. It also comes with a 12-month warranty for any issue due to manufacturer’s defect.

Key Features:

  • The blanket is warm and cosy that is best suited for the bedding space of the pet.
  • It is made up of 100% polyester micro plush; this material is soft and keeps the pets warm.
  • The blanket is suitable for all four types of seasons.
  • It also protects the furniture from scratching, chewing and even the unwanted pet hair.
  • The blanket has also passed the international safety tests for the pets.

2. Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Dog Blanket Dog Bed

Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Dog Blanket Dog BedThe furry baby blanket comes in a unique grey colour that adds a subtle touch to your interior and house. It is also perfect for the large breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and many such other breeds. It is made of environment-friendly thick soft flee. The blanket is machine-washable and also with fine tumble-dry. It also protects the furniture from scratching and pet hair.

Key Features:

  • The blanket is lightweight and easy for the pets to carry around.
  • It is easy to shake off the dog and cat hair from the blanket and then put it in the laundry.
  • There are three sizes available in the blanket that can help you to choose the best-suited option for your pet and house.
  • The blanket works well for preventing the pet fur all around the room and keeps your house clean.
  • The blanket is quite comfortable and cosy for the pets.

3. Pawsse Waterproof Dog Blanket

Pawsse Waterproof Dog BlanketPawwse dog blanket has a unique reversible feature. This enables the owners to use the blanket both sides. One side of the rug is made of 100% microfleece which is the waterproof side of the blanket. The other side of the quilt is made up of Sherpa lining. It can be used to cover the couch, sofas, beds for making a space for the pet bedding. It is suitable for the other types of pets such as cats as well. The blanket is comfortable, durable and soft.

Key Features:

  • The blanket is waterproof that helps to prevent any leaks through the blanket. The waterproof coating is done on the inner side of the blanket.
  • The blanket is perfect for indoor as well as for using it in the car while travelling with your little one.
  • It protects the furniture and other house items from any damage or scratching due to pets.
  • This blanket can be gifted to your friends who own a pet as it also comes in gift wrapping.
  • The blanket keeps the pet warm, dry and cosy in the cold weather.

4. PetAmi Deluxe Dog Blanket

PetAmi Deluxe Dog BlanketThis blanket is lightweight and durable. It is reversible in which one side of the blanket is lined with sherpa. The other side of the quilt is made of the silky soft fleece made from microfiber polyester that gives that soft and cosy feeling to the pet. The blanket is of premium high-quality that ensure the comfort of the dogs. You can select the size that is best suited for your dog. This blanket can be an excellent gift for your pet or fellow dog owners.

Key features:

  • This blanket is great for bed, sofa, sleeping mat, car or floor where your pet generally likes to laze around.
  • It helps prevent any damage to the furniture or bed due to scratching, dirt and also pet hair.
  • The blanket is available in fifteen colours and three sizes, giving you all the best possible options for the dog blanket.
  • It is easy to clean this blanket as it can be washed in the machine. You can also opt for tumble dry low.
  • It provides warmth, protection and comfort to your pets while they are sleeping or napping.

5. PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket

PAWZ Road Pet Dog BlanketAnother excellent option for the pet blanket is the Pawz road blanket. It is made up of polyester and os 100% double-sided coral velvet fabrics. The material that is used to make this blanket is very soft that makes this blanket comfy and cosy for all the pets. The blanket can be used for couches as well as in cars for your pets. The rug is so cute that your dog will love it.

Key features:

  • The blanket is suitable for travel and naptime.
  • It is easy to clean the blanket as it can be washed in a machine.
  • The blanket comes in four different sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. You can select the size ideal for your dog breed.
  • It helps to prevent the hair shedding on the furniture.
  • It also comes in different colours such as grey, pink, blue and dark grey. Choose the colour that you like, and that goes well with your interiors of the house.

These are the options for the best dog blankets that are readily available. The size and the material of the blanket should be considered before buying the rug for your pet. But you might be wondering on how to clean these blankets to get rid of the pet hair on it. Don’t worry I am going to share the tips to remove the dog hair from the blanket.

How to remove dog hair from blankets?

Follow one of these procedures to get rid of the dog hair from the blanket quickly:

  1. The most efficient method is to use an adhesive roller. Place the rug on a hard surface and start rolling the roller on the blanket. The dog hair will attach to the adhesive on it. Once the tape is full of the dog hair, change it and redo the process.
  2. You can also use a grooming brush to get rid of the dog hair after taking the blanket off and shaking it off to get rid of the dust and some hair.
  3. There are hand gloves available in the market with rubber pins. These gloves can also be used to remove the dog hair. Place the blanket on some hard surface and start wiping it with the gloves.
  4. Another great way is to use a kitchen sponge. You can use a dry or dampened sponge to get all those hair out.
  5. Finally, you can wash the blanket separately 2-3 times along with some softener. This will also get rid of all the dog hair.

Here is a tip, always keep your dog blanket away from your belongings and other clothes. Keep a disposable bag handy to dispose of the dog hair out of the house. Also, if nothing else works you can also use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dog blanket.

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