Best Dog Crates for Labs – Top Reviewed Dog Kennel of 2020

Everybody loves their private space to enjoy some “me” time. Pets are no different! Dogs like to have a den-like place where they can live peacefully and play with their toys. If you are a dog owner or even if you are planning to get a dog, then you should definitely invest in a durable and sturdy crate. Having a crate is also useful for training dogs and is also recommended by veterinarians. A crate or kennel is a dog cage made of wire, plastic or metal. The crates are preferable as it is portable and loved by dogs.

When it comes to Labradors, they are huge in size. It is tricky to find a crate or cage that is a perfect fit for them. Unlike small pups, dogs of this breed need more space for themselves. Generally, a cage that is 42 inches in size is suitable for labradors. After brainstorming a little, I have finally made a list of the best dog crates for labs. Check out the list and gift your pooch his own little house.

Best Dog Crates for Labs

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog CrateOne of the most loved and reviewed crates for labrador is this MidWest Homes crate for dogs. This model is explicitly a double-doored 42-inch crate. The size of the kennel is a perfect fit for adult dogs such as labradors and golden retrievers. Also, it comes at an affordable price which is like a brownie point for such a good quality product for your pooch. It comes with a plastic tray that is easy to clean and set up. The divider can be used to create a partition in the crate for giving the specific area to your dog to play and do other activities. Plastic handles are also included with this crate for attaching to the crate for transport.

Key features and specifications

  • The crate is easy to set up without requiring any tools. When not in use, the crate and be folded and stored in a dry place.
  • It has rounded corners to avoid any wounds or cuts caused due to the sharp edges of the kennel. This construction also provides ample space for your dogs to play and stay in their own little area.
  • MidWest crate comes with a free divider panel, carrying handle, dog tray, and four roller feet to protect the floor.
  • The crate is designed to carry it anywhere you go with your dog. It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is available and four different styles and six sizes. So now you can select the size and style as per your dog’s need.

2. AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog CrateAmazonBasics is gaining popularity among the masses due to its supreme quality and affordable prices. It is no surprise that AmazonBasics crate has made to this list given to its amazing features and built quality. The crates come in two different door styles and six different sizes for different dog breeds. This specific model has a single door and is 36 inches in size. Metal wires are used for the construction of this kennel that helps in maintaining proper ventilation and strength. It comes along with a metal-loop to carry it with ease. You can also keep puppies in this crate and train them for various activities. You can opt for keeping bedding in the crate to make your furry babies more cozy and comfortable.

Key features and specifications

  • The crate is built with sturdy metal and it can be folded for carrying it around or even storing it when not in use.
  • It comes with an optional divider panel that you can use to decide the play area for your little ones.
  • This kennel also has rounded corners to protect and safeguard pets.
  • There is a removable plastic pan on the bottom of the crate, which is easy to clean any water-spill.
  • The crate has two slide-bolt latches to give the utmost security and safety to your pets.

3. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog CrateEvery pet loves an area where he can get homely feelings. This alternative is also one of the most bought one in this category. As there are large swing-open doors, the entrance and exit in the crate of your pet become convenient. Its wire design allows you too keep a check on your pet and also provides proper ventilation as well as visibility to your pooch. This particular model is suitable for the large breeds of dogs and comes with rounded corners to ensure safety. It is foldable and can be carried while traveling or shifting. The crate is available in five different sizes for all dog breeds and two different door styles.

Key features and specifications

  • The crate is painted with a protective and long-lasting black finish.
  • It has two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches that lock your pet securely in the crate.
  • The kennel is easy to set up and doesn’t require any tools for the same.
  • New World pet crate comes with a one year warranty and a leak-proof plastic pan.
  • The easily removable plastic pan is attached to the crate through a wire which can be unhooked for cleaning it.

4. Petmate 2 Door Great Crate 

Petmate 2 Door Great CratePetmate is one of the trusted names when it comes to pet supplies. They have been manufacturing premium quality goods for pets for a long time. There are many models and other crates available from this brand, but this specific one has received much attention due to its safety and security features. The crate has a removable plastic pan that is easy to clean to get rid of any spills or mess. Like other crates, this one also has rounded corners to protect the pets. The kennel is portable and can collapse up to two inches for making it easy to transport.

Key features and Specifications

  • The crate is made with heavy-duty gauge wire which is coated with rust-resistant black paint.
  • It is equipped with a 5-point lock to ensure the safety and security of your pooch.
  • There are different sizes of this crate available readily for all sizes of pets.
  • The kennel has two-entrance points on both sides for dogs to enter and exit the crate.
  • It comes along with a divider panel that can be moved according to the preference of the pet.

5. Ultima Pro Dog Crate

Ultima Pro Dog CrateAnother excellent model from MidWest homes is this Ultima Pro crate for your little friends. When it comes to quality, it is one of the best ones you can get at such an affordable price range. It has a double-door with two slide-bolt latches for each door. The crate comes with a leak-proof plastic pan, a divider panel, a sturdy carrying handle, rubber feet to protect the floors and one year warranty. This option could be a perfect gift for your pet or even for your friends who have labs. 

Key features and Specifications

  • The design of the crate is such that it is easy to set up without any tools and can be carried anywhere by attaching the plastic handle.
  • A strong wire gauge is used for constructing the crate, which makes it sturdy and durable.
  • It has a plastic pan that can be removed easily and cleaned once in a while.
  • The divider panel allows you to adjust the space for your dog according to his preferences.

6. AmazonBasics Single and double door Crate

AmazonBasics Single and double door CrateAmazon Basics discovers an amazing range of collections for your dog’s luxurious life. The crates are specially designed and made to keep comfort and safety in mind. Amazon Basics comes with reliability and standardized quality products. For super cozy and lavish crates, you must have these and feel special too. You can also enjoy the perks of free delivery with Amazon Basics. It is an ideal fit for your lab, along with space and you can also feel the unique style design.

Key features and Specifications

  • The crate is built with sturdy metal so there is no need to worry about the quality of the crate. 
  • It can be folded for carrying it around or even storing things when not in use.
  • The design of the crate is very simple and easy to set up without the use of any tool or extra attachments.
  • This kennel also has curved corners that protect and safeguard your pets. 
  • It has a removable plastic pan at the bottom of the crate, which is easy to clean if any water-spill or waste comes out.
  • The crate has two slide-bolt latches to give the utmost security and safety to your pets.


How to Determine the correct Labrador Crate size

The purpose of having a crate is simple that your labrador doesn’t feel cages and feels safe. To make them comfortable, there are three simple ways to determine the correct Labrador crate size. They are as follow:

Your pet’s size: 

This is the most common and universal factor in deciding the crate size. If you have a lab pup, then you don’t need a large crate. You can have a medium-sized crate that your pup can easily roam inside and enjoy its time. If you have a big labrador than medium or small crate size won’t work at all. Too small crates can be uncomfortable for the big one to stay in. You can measure your labrador with fabric tape and get to know the perfect size of your dog. Once you are aware of the size of your dog, then you can match the crate size and select the best one for your labrador. 

Space and portability:

The other most common and necessary factor is space and portability. As we all know, labradors are not quite dogs; they are active and need to be kept similarly. When you plan to purchase a crate, you need to make sure and understand that crate should not be the exact fit of your dog. The crate should be more significant than your labrador. Space matters for labrador. They need to walk around and sleep around the crate. If you restrict your labrador, then they can become aggressive. So space matters the most. Also portability, easy mobility of the crate matters. The crate must be movable and durable. In short words, the crate must be as tough as the labs. 

Other factors:

If you have a perfectly sized crate and durable crate, then you can also look for other factors like water and food area, including beds, whelping pads, and much more. If you are satisfied with a plain crate, then you get all the other things individually. But if you look for a fully structured crate, then yes, you can go for a unique and nicely designed crate for your lab.

Concluding Remarks
These are the top-rated options for getting a crate for your lab pooch. All the crates are safe and secure for your pets. So now you don’t have to worry about your dog when you go out for work or running errands. You can put your pet in the crate and see him play happily in a protected place. For making it more comfortable, you can also add bedding for your pooch so that he can enjoy his naps while you are away. I hope this article helps find the ideal crate for your pet.

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