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We all agree on one thing, Siberian Huskies are a beautiful dog breed, loves to be wild and hard to control. The blue eyes with a furry body have the power to smitten any dog lover. Though Huskies are adorable, they are also the most challenging dog breed to train. If you are a Siberian husky owner for the first time, be ready to sweat to get him/her sit still for a few seconds. In comparison to other dog breeds, huskies don’t want to be tamed or please the owner by showing obedience. However, training a husky is not impossible as once the dog bonds with you, he/she became the best companion you can ever have. As they deserve proper care, the aptest way to school, this breed is by using a special Siberian husky harness while training. Here is the list of best harness for husky you can find in the online market.

Best Collar for Husky

1. Ruffwear Harness for Siberian Husky

Ruffwear HarnessLooking for the best harness for husky, then Ruffwear Front Range all-day harness might be the perfect accessory for your active dog. The harness has two leash attachment points that will help you control husky speed and activity without chocking them. The aluminum V-ring helps in keeping the leash in place. Also, the ID pocket holds the tag in its place for easy accessibility. As it’s made from high-quality material, the harness won’t irritate dog skin or tear the fur.

Features of Ruffwear Harness for Siberian Husky:

  • Best harness for husky which has two leash attachment points.
  • Easy to put around the dog and can be worn for longer duration without causing any skin irritation
  • The harness has a belly panel and padded chest to disperse the pressure and provide comfort to the dog while walking or running.
  • Aluminum V-ring on the back makes leash stay in place.
  • This dog harness is available in 5 different sizes as per the dog’s breed and four colors.

2. ARIKON Durable Denim Leash for Husky

Dog Leash HarnessAre you struggling to control your husky while walking? Invest in the best leash for husky by investing in the ARIKON denim leash which is designed to provide comfort. Suitable for medium and large dog breeds, the strap can fit for chest girth from 23.5 to 35 inches. Also, this leash will help you control dog’s activity while walking or during training sessions.

Features of Durable Denim Leash for Husky:

  • Made for denim fabric on top and nylon cloth layering on the inside which does not irritate dog skin.
  • The ARIKON is the best leash for a husky and other medium-sized breed dogs.
  • The leash collar is designed to control the dog’s activity while training or during log walks.
  • The package includes ARIKON Harness, Leash and instruction manual which will help dog owners to use the training collar correctly.

3. EXPAWLORER Best Siberian Husky Harness

EXPAWLORER Best No-Pull DogOwing a good harness is necessary when you are training a Siberian Husky. For bigger breed dogs like huskies, the EXPAWLORER has created a special harness that helps the owner control them better without injuring their neck, spine or windpipe. The harness is designed in such a way that it distributes the pressure around the body when you pull the leash to stop a dog from doing any activity.

Features of EXPAWLORER Best Siberian Husky Harness:

  • EXPAWLORER is available in five different sizes, each designed to fit small, medium or large dogs.
  • The high-quality material used on a leash that fits perfectly around the chest area and proper padding distributes the pressure equally.
  • The package comes with nylon webbing with reflective material that is easily visible in the night.
  • The harness is lightweight with ergonomic design, and two leash attachment points aids in keeping the leash on the dog’s back and chest area.

4. RABBITGOO Pet Harness for Large Dogs

RABBITGOOTo control your over-excited Siberian Husky, you need the best collar for a husky that controls this big giant while walking, running or getting training. Invest in RABBITGOO Pet Harness which is specially designed for larger dogs. The front and the black clip keeps the leash in place and controls the dog’s movement without choking.

Features of RABBITGOO Pet Harness for Large Dogs:

  • RABBITGOO harness is the best collar for husky available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • This harness has specially designed to fit around dog’s back and chest area without chocking them on the neck.
  • Two metal leash attachment gives the owner the freedom to put the leash in the way which controls the dog while walking or training.
  • Heavy padding on the harness that distributes the weight equally.
  • Available in different color and size that suits your dog’s breed and personality.

5. EXPAWLORER No Pull Harness for Large Dogs

Big Dog Soft ReflectiveBigger dogs are difficult to control which is why many Husky owners prefer to EXPAWLORER harness designed for bigger dogs. This is a special Siberian husky harness that has a dimension of 26-36″ 66-93 cm, extra padding on the back, heady duty meal D ring to keep the leash on the place and reflective straps that hold the pet safe during night walks.

Features of EXPAWLORER No Pull Harness for Large Dogs:

  • Best Siberian husky harness that works great when you want to train a bigger breed dog.
  • Padding on the back and chest area that help dog take the load equally on the body.
  • The reflective strap that keeps your pet safe during the night walk.
  • The dimension of 26-36″ 66-93 cm is suitable for larger breed dogs.
  • Available in three different sizes and seven colors.

6. Blueberry Pet Classic Harness for Bigger Dogs

51q5xZMmHLLLove to groom your dog then you can opt for the Blueberry Pet Classic Harness which shows off your unique husky style. Apart from the great look, the harness comes with D-rings, heavy duty buckle and high-quality material all designed to provide comfort to your dog during long walks. Adjust the strap as per your dog size so the pet won’t feel choked when you pull the leash.

Features of Blueberry Pet Classic Harness for Bigger Dogs:

  • Excellent fitting harness for all type of breed dogs.
  • Fits perfectly on the chest and neck area and can be adjusted as per the dog’s comfort.
  • The harness is designed to give you better hold of the dog and stop them by pulling leash.
  • The high density of fabric is used in this Siberian husky harness, so it doesn’t tear off by your over an active pet.
  • Available in 9 colors and sizes as per Chest Girth – 16.5″ – 21.5″, 20″ – 26″ and 26″ – 29″.

7. Canine Equipment Harness for Larger Dogs

Canine EquipmentDesigned to control high energy dog breeds like Huskies, the Canine Equipment Harness aids in distributing weight evenly on the chest and shoulders without chocking them with the pull of the leash. This harness is made using heavy-duty fabric and cushioning on specific areas to provide comfort for the long run. The owner can adjust the harness fitness as per their dog size.

Features of Canine Equipment Harness for Larger Dogs:

  • The harness comes with a fleece lining and heavy padding on the neck and shoulder to provide extra comfort when the leash is pulled.
  • The design is to avoid pressure on the throat and back and divide it at the end of the dog.
  • The owner can adjust the fitting as per the dog size, and the anti-slip slider holds the adjustment in place even after a lot of movements.
  • The safety shackle snap is given to release the leash immediately.
  • Available in four different sizes so the customer can pick as per the breed of dog.

Pet Training Series: How To Train A Husky Puppy

The Siberian Husky is the most intelligent yet headstrong dog breed. If you are planning to adopt a husky puppy, it’s essential to know the correct way to train him/her. As this breed is known for their stubborn attitude, you need to be dedicated and consistent towards the training procedure. One needs to become the Alpha male for Husky to respect you and follow all the commands you say. Husky’s are intelligent, so all you need is to practice some smart moves to tell them you are in charge. Here are a few simple steps to train your new husky pup:

1. Be the Alpha:

Siberian Husky is wild and loves to stay in the pack with their leader. To make them follow your every command, you need to be their Alpha. For this, you don’t have to be loud or aggressive in this way or you will be making things worse. Instead of that, be a calm and loving parent to your pup. The dog should know that he/she should respect you to get affection, food, and comfort.

2. Get Right Training Collar:

Some people will tell you to use choke collars or shock collars on bigger dogs like Husky, which is wrong. Even though they are animals, they understand affection and love. If you are training the husky, use a unique training collar, which will help you stay in control of the animal’s action without irritating or choking them.

3. Train Puppy to Walk with Leash:

Walking in an open area can trigger an adrenaline rush in your Husky. Usually, a healthy Siberian Husky can grow up to 50 to 60 lbs. Training such a big dog with a leash can be a task. To prepare your husky to walk with a leash on, you need to help them get comfortable with the strap. Once they accept the alien part on their body, give them a treat followed by some encouraging gestures. The goal is to make them walk beside you for which you have to stay calm, posture definite, and leash not too tight or loose. Once the pup gets your command to walk, the whole process will become a fun activity for both you and your dog.

4. Make Pup Accept Getting Crated:

When you are taking your puppy out for a walk, never leave them unattended. Alway crate him/her to safety. You can start this training from home. Put the lease on and let them be comfortable. Slowly guide them to walk in a particular direction slightly behind you. Once they start following you correctly, advance your training by taking them on short walks.

5. Teach Walk, Stop, Sit, Lay Down Command:

These commands are essential, and it is crucial to train the pup at the very beginning. Just have patience and strength to repeat these commands again and again. Never lose temper as one needs to have consistent behavior when you are training the dog. Start with one command a day and increase them with their daily activity. As the dogs are smart creatures, they will learn numerous commands in a month or so.

6. Start Outdoor Potty Training:

Potty training requires a lot of patience, so take a deep breath and keep on commanding your dog to give you a signal when nature’s call. Generally, dogs pace, squat, or sniff the corners when they are going to pee or shit. When you see your dog giving these signs, ask them, “go potty.” It will take time for your dog to understand this command, but once they do, offer them a treat.

Final word
When you want the husky to learn a few new things, the training job automatically becomes difficult. The best way to domestic your Siberian Husky is to be training them on a regular basis using proper accessories. With the correct Siberian husky harness, you can control them and teach them during walks. So, if you have a husky or plan to get one, better invest in the best collar for husky which is readily available online.

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