Can You Put Flea Medicine on a Dog After a Bath – Know the Fact

I’m sure you all want the best for your little buddy, and so you make sure to get the top-notch products for them. The question still remains of the way to use those products in the most beneficial ways. Like for humans, it is vital to take the right dose at the right time of our prescribed medication. The same is the case with dogs. Let us look at some “correct ways” to use flea medicines alongside their instructions, limitations, etc.  

How To Apply The Flea Medication?

How To Apply The Flea Medication

  • It is very important to always go and read your pet’s flea medication label before utilizing it. 
  • Flea preventatives like Frontline Plus should be put into your pet’s skin on a single spot. For flea medications like Advantage, you’ll apply the solution to 2-3 spots down your pet’s back. 
  • For best outcomes, apply your pet’s preventive at proportionate time month to month to downsize the peril of a pervasion.
  • Oral flea medications like Comfortis, NexGard, and Trifexis should be given with a meal or directly after eating.  

Can You Put Flea Medicine on a Dog After a Bath?

Yes, you’ll be able to apply flea medicine after bathing your dog. If you’ve recently bathed your dog, it’s suggested you hold up at least 3 days before treating them with flea drops. It may, on or off chance that you’ve just applied for the medicine, guarantee you sit tight for at least 24 hours before washing your pet once more. This window of your time permits the medicine to calculate its way through your pet’s skin. 

Bathing your pet early on could reduce the effectiveness of the flea preventative. Vets gauge that it can take up to 3 days after a shower for the oils in a dog’s skin to be replenished. After this period., you’ll have the option to then put in the flea medication on their coat because the natural oils should be enough after 3 days to help carry the treatment round the dog’s coat.  

Tips Before Applying the Flea Medicine 

pet is totally dry

  • Make certain that your pet is totally dry before application. Flea medicine remains effective for 30 days, even if your pet swims or is bathed.
  • For best results, apply your pet’s flea preventative at the equivalent time monthly to scale back the danger of an infestation. 

Alternatives/Options to Flea Treatment That Won’t Wash Off 

Alternatives to Flea Treatment

  • Obviously, you’ll change to an alternate flea treatment that needn’t bother with you to accept the risks of washing and showering. 
  • Most of the owners will give their dog oral flea treatment. I acknowledge not all dogs like taking tablets. However, it won’t be affected by bathing, and pills are said to be simpler than topical spot-on treatment. 
  • Another option might be a tick and flea collar. Tick and flea collar doubles the protection and helps the dog be away from fleas and insects.  


To conclude, when it involves putting flea medicine on your dog, the gap of 48 hours, either side of getting wet, seems to be an honest barometer to follow. And although your dog does get a little wet in the first 48 hours of applying flea treatment, there is no need to worry. A very little amount of rain will probably not do any harm, so unless your dog gets completely drenched for the first two days after application, there should be no need to reapply the treatment again. Re-treatment could also be necessary on some occasions. I hope this article would have explained to you in detail about all the flea medicine applications and more.

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