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How to Clean Dog Brush: Disinfect Grooming Equipment Now

No matter what you are feeling and how hard your life has become, your dog will never judge you. When he looks at you, he doesn’t think what kind of a person you are, are you rich or poor, are you strong or weak, nothing. He will just stay there and keep loving you unconditionally. This is the main reason why humans adore doggos. The majority of us will choose dogs if there is an award called “Best Pet’s Category.” 

I have seen many people who want to devote themselves entirely to taking care of animals, mainly because of the dogs. I can keep going as I am obsessed with my dogs, but this article is not about that. (Oh, I wish!!!) You have clicked this link to know how to clean a dog brush. So, let’s just talk about that. Read further to get a step by step guide to disinfecting your pet’s grooming equipment.

How to Clean Dog Brush?

Even if you are determined for a dog’s cleaning, you can’t bathe him more than twice a month. Some vets suggest giving a bath once a week if he has severe dermatitis, but apart from that, it is a big no-no! Fortunately, you can use pet wipes and dog brush/comb to clean them regularly. After using a brush for a week or so, it is evident that it becomes dirty. Thus, it becomes essential to clean the brushes at least once a week to maintain dog hygiene.

Things You Will Need

  • Hot Water
  • Antibacterial Detergent or Liquid or Soap
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Bleach
  • Barbacide – a disinfectant solution
  • Microfibre Cloths
  • HV Dryer

Cleaning of the Combs

Step 1: Take a small container and fill it with hot water. If you have more than one comb, then you can also block the sinkhole and use it.

Step 2: Add a little quantity of antibacterial detergent or soap. You can also use bleach if you want to deep-clean the bristles.

Step 3: Keep all the combs soaked for at least twenty-twenty five minutes. Soaking will automatically cut your efforts to clean in half. Trust me, and never miss this step.

Step 4: Remove the combs and clean them under the running water. This way, you can completely remove the soapy water or bleach, along with the dirt and debris.

Step 5: After cleaning the combs with normal water, take some microfibre towels, and dry them thoroughly.

Use of Disinfectants

This step is optional, but you can also use disinfectants such as Barbacide if you want to disinfect combs after completing the washing process. Follow the instructions regarding soaking time, quantity to use, etc. and soak combs in the liquid.

Cleaning of the Brushes

Step 1: First things, first! Start cleaning the brush by removing the stuck hair. You can remove the loose hair quickly with your hands.

Step 2: Repeat the process until the last strand of hair is removed. For the stubborn hair, you can try rubbing two brushes against the grain of each other.

Step 3: Fill a bucket with hot water and add one tablespoon of disinfectant or liquid soap. If you want to do intense cleaning, use bleach. Generally, people prefer to use bleach when they want to clean stuff of some sick animals.

Step 4: Put the brushes into the bucket and soak it entirely for half an hour.

Step 5: As you can’t dry the brush bristles only by wiping with some clothes, use the HV dryer. It ensures that all the water has been dried out. It is risky to keep the brushes wet as it may rust.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • If antibacterial detergent, liquid, or soap is not available in the house, you can make a mixture using an equal amount of water and white vinegar. You can also use any regular shampoo to clean the brushes if you don’t have the vinegar.
  • It is crucial to inspect the brushes and combs from time to time. This way, you will know if there are any signs of wear and tear. If you find any visible signs of deterioration, then it is time to change the brush.
  • Store the pet’s brushes, combs, or any other tools in some dry and warm space. Also, keep them away or out of reach of your furry friends. This way, you can protect the instruments from chewing, mischievous pets.
  • Make a schedule of the brush cleaning process and do it on a regular basis. It is advisable to clean any brush, comb, or clippers weekly. If your pets are having any skin irritation or allergies, wash the cleaning tools more frequently. 

Grooming your pet is an unavoidable event. Brushing your dog’s hair is as important as his health checkups. You can get rid of loose hair strands and keep the dog’s coat shiny and free from knots. It also distributes natural oils. You can also find some common allergens of dogs while brushing and can get rid of it ASAP. So, keep brushing or combing your dog’s fur and keep your dog away from dead skin and dander.


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