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DIY Dog Diaper: Make Diaper Alternative At Your Home

When we hear the word ‘Diapers,’ normally it invokes thoughts of newborns or toddlers. But as we love pets and grow them like our babies and mostly inside the house, it is essential to put diapers on them to keep them clean and healthy. Also, it is important to maintain the hygiene of the house avoiding the dog’s pee and poop. Some pet stores sell dog diapers, but they are very costly.

So, if you want to save some bucks, there is a low-cost option of homemade DIY dog diapers available in the market. They work just like the other expensive diapers and helps you to maintain the home’s cleanliness and dog’s hygiene. In this article, you will find some ideas to make dog diapers at home.

Dog Diaper Alternatives

Dog Diaper helps in various ways to protect our furniture, sofas, beds, and rugs from getting wet by our dogs. When the dog wets something, it leaves stains inside the house walls, floors, and rugs. These diaper alternatives can help in such a situation.

Alternative 1: Convert Baby Diaper into Dog Diapers

If you or your friends have some old, unused baby diapers which are not needed anymore for babies, then don’t throw them away. Keep them as DIY pet diapers.

Convert Baby Diaper into Dog Diapers

  • To convert baby diapers into dog diapers, first of all, take the diaper packet and compare a dog’s weight with the recommended weight chart.
  • Put a diaper on the dog and mark the spot of the tail. After that, take the diaper and cut a small hole around the mark so that you can pull the tail through it.
  • Pull the front side of the diaper up under the dog’s belly and secure it around the dog. Using baby diapers is the simplest way to make a homemade dog diaper.
Alternative 2: Undergarments and Feminine Pad

Boys undergarments and pads are an excellent alternative to expensive diapers. The primary purpose of diapers is that it absorbs the wetness, just like the sanitary napkins. One can also use plenty of liners for small dogs.

Undergarments and Feminine Pad

  • Hold the boy’s underwear with the front flap opening facing the dog’s tail. Place a panty liner or a feminine pad inside and stick it up. Don’t forget to center it, so it correctly fits over the genital area.
  • Slide dog’s legs through the leg holes and pull his tails gently through the flap. If the leg area is wide, then you can pick the tail from any of the sides too.
  • If the waistband is too broad for the canine, simply fold it inside and secure it with a large safety pin. Take care of your dog’s skin while attaching the pin.
Alternative 3: Washable Dog Diapers

Washable Dog Diapers

One can also use some old clothes of bedsheets or t-shirts as disposable dog diapers. Once used, you can also wash it, dry it, and reuse it. Or, use some absorbent sheets of cotton and cloth and once they get wet, remove it and put another one. The layer can be thrown away, and the holder can be washed.

Alternative 4: Dog Pads – How to Make a Dog Diaper?
  • To make DIY dog diapers, first of all, get a big sheet of dog pad and cut it in an hourglass shape. Make sure that it’s not too big as it is going to be his diaper.big sheet of dog pad
  • Create a space for the tail in the hourglass shape by folding in half and cutting an elongated hole in the diamond shape.

put dog diaper

  • Put the diaper on the dog just like you put the regular diapers of panties. Use some tapes to secure the diaper and make sure it does not move from its expected place.


  • Don’t wrap every edge in duct tape as it may become difficult to take it off when needed, or in the cases of emergencies.
  • The remaining cuttings of the dog pad are not a waste. You can always use them to pick up the poop and other messes.

Best Out of Waste

If you have some old towels, baby onesies, or stray socks, then you can use them to make DIY washable dog diapers. To make a diaper from the socks, you just need to cut it into two halves from the open part. The upper half can be used as a belly wrap for the male dogs. Cut a hole for the tail in the bottom portion.stray socks dog diaper

This is all about making dog diapers alternatives at home. I hope you have found this article useful and now you make all the diapers of your pooch at home and help your favorite furry friend to stay clean and healthy, without spending too much.

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