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Do Deaf Dogs Bark?: Deaf Dog Behavior Explained

Deafness is as common in dogs as it is in humans, and that raises a lot of questions. The biggest one is whether deaf dogs bark. In this article, we shall get right into the depths of this topic and help you understand these beautiful furry animals better. 

Do Deaf Dogs Bark?

Yes, deaf dogs bark just like the other dogs. 

While a few dogs are born deaf, most cases of deafness arise over the years. Hearing loss may happen with age or due to a problem. Also, some dogs may still be able to hear sounds at certain frequencies. However, it is common for them to isolate themselves and feel lonely. Deafness may also create a communication gap, which makes matters worse. The good news, though, is that once you address hearing loss and understand your dog’s needs, this will become easier. 

Let’s talk about some ways to train your deaf dog and to help him/her feel more protected and loved.

How to Train a Deaf Dog?

Since they are hard on hearing, they may not understand when not to bark. Deaf dogs may keep barking at everything because they sense danger or because they are scared. Most dogs also bark when they are too excited and do not realize they are too loud. Here are a few effective and friendly ways to train them:

  1. Use a vibrating collar to attract your dog’s attention. These collars work wonderfully for dogs and help them understand that you are saying something. Soon, he will learn that when the collar vibrates, he/she should come to you or attend to you. After this, you can give him a command to stop barking, such as shaking your hand. The moment he stops barking, reward him with a treat. Continuous practice will help. 
  2. Create a safe, positive environment or space for your dog. He/she should have a toy to engage him there. While training, have someone do something that triggers barking. Or, just wait until he/she barks without any necessity. When he starts barking, put him/her on the leash and take him/her to his space. Let him play with his chew toy and then reward him/her with a treat for not barking. Repeat this training process every day. 
  3. Use a dog whistle for deaf dogs. If your dog can hear sounds in a particular frequency or if he is not completely deaf, you can use a dog whistle to grab attention. This is extremely effective and easy. However, it may not work with completely deaf dogs.

IMPORTANT: Vibrating collars are NOT shock collars. We do not encourage or entertain the use of shock collars or any training methods that may cause discomfort or pain to dogs. Please use the safest options possible because your dog trusts you immensely, and absolutely no dog deserves to feel threatened or scared. ALL dogs can be trained through safe and positive means. 


Yes, deaf dogs bark and many of them can hear at certain frequencies. The best way to help your dog is to connect with him/her, understand the condition, and work together. Dogs fill our lives with so much love and happiness. The least we can do for them is to be their best friends. 

We hope our article helps you and your little pooch. If you have any doubts, feel free to write to us or comment. We are always happy to help. 

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