Doberman Pinscher Pros and Cons – Know Details Before Owning One

Beginners and pet owners often like to know about the breed of the dog they are considering to be prepared and have all the needed information. One of the most popular and family-loved breeds is Doberman Pinscher. Many false beliefs surround this breed and hence the potential pet owners can have second thoughts about getting the dog of this breed. If you are confused regarding the same and want to know if they are ideal for your place, then read this blog that gives you all the Doberman Pinscher pros and cons. I will brief the breed in detail, along with the pros and cons.

The overall nature of the breed

Although a lot of people might believe that this breed is aggressive and can harm the people, it is not exactly true. Doberman Pinscher dogs are lovable, family-loving and protective. They are medium to large-sized with beautiful appearance and a quick-thinking process. Their skin coat is almost black, grey or bluish color. The elegant looks of the dog compliment the superior qualities of this dog breed, making them a perfect example of beauty with brains.

Doberman Pinscher Pros and Cons

Pros of Doberman Pinscher 

Pros of Doberman Pinscher

Perfect for households: Doberman Pinscher has this protective instinct for their owners and family. They are literally the best when it comes to ensuring the safety of their families. They are also playful and have an active lifestyle. So if you are someone who likes to go a daily walk, running or jogging, you will probably love this breed. At first, it might seem difficult to mix up with them, but trust me once they know you, they will never leave you.

Suitable as service and military dogs: As this dog breed is muscular, powerful and enthusiastic they are also a perfect fit for service and the army dogs. Their active lifestyle also makes them the ideal breed for the same. Some people even get a dog of this breed for safeguarding their societies. 

Low on maintenance: Unlike other dogs that need a lot of grooming sessions, the dogs of this breed don’t. Getting a grooming mitt or brush can be useful to groom their coat. Also, they don’t need frequent baths and don’t have the problem of excess shedding.

Great with kids: Doberman Pinscher and babies, if raised together, can develop a beautiful relationship. That is the reason why many families prefer getting this breed, as they grow and quickly learns to protect the children. One might need to train their dog, but once trained, the dogs of this breed are very interactive and like socializing. 

Cons of Doberman Pinscher

Cons of Doberman Pinscher

Aggression with fellow pets: A lot of pet owners have said that Doberman Pinscher dogs often show aggression to the same-sex pet. This is quite common among other breeds too. But when trained correctly and once they get acquainted with the other pets in the house, they can live peacefully with them. As the breed likes to show dominance in front of dogs of other breeds, consider this con if you are planning to get more pets.

Health Conditions: This dog breed is prone to several critical health conditions that include hip dysplasia, dilated cardiomyopathy that is enlarged heart and Willebrand’s disease. As many other dog breeds are also susceptible to a lot of disorders and conditions, it is always beneficial to get pet insurance. They can also suffer from bloating problems and hence it is vital to have routine health check-ups and monitor their health.

Separation Anxiety: This dog breed suffers from separation anxiety when they are left alone at home. As the dogs of this breed like to be surrounded by the family and owner, they can start barking loudly, digging and showing destructive behavior due to the anxiety. Seeing your pet like this can upset their owners and hence if you are a working person living alone in your place, then you should not get this breed. 

First-time Owners: People who are going to be dog parents for the first time might need some time to train and be with their dog. As the breed is a little challenging to deal with initially, it will be better to foster a dog from this breed and decide if you want to have this breed. You can also ask your friends who own this breed to tell you about them and you can also offer to stay with them for a week to know their behavior pattern.

Final Thoughts

Doberman Pinschers have their own share of pros and cons like any other dog breed. They are lovable and protective and that is what matters the most. They never leave the ones they care about and always be for them. Although you should consider all the points before getting a dog of this breed to give him a healthy environment. All dogs are perfect; it is we, the humans who find flaws! Our dogs accept us the way we are and hence if you like this breed, go for it and be a proud dog parent.


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