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We can tell how healthy a dog is by coat appearances, but we often miss the signs because of not following their grooming schedules. You may have heard that regular grooming sessions allow us to find clues to their health. They point out potential health problems such as allergies, poor nutrition, and some skin diseases. However, it is complicated to get the correct information and learn dog grooming. For that, a good book that provides A to Z guide and all the relevant information can surely become your (and your pooch’s) best friend.

We understand that you cannot trust a book by its cover and how difficult it is to get the most suitable one for your breed. So, in this article, we have shortlisted some of the best dog grooming books for beginners and professionals. With all the benefits provided by each book and its content, we have also mentioned some of the cons. So, keep calm and read the descriptions of best dog grooming books we are reviewing and make a fair judgment.

Top 5 Ultimate Dog Grooming Books

1. Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank

Melissa Verplank Dog Grooming BookNotes From The Grooming Table is a quality guide/tutorial that provides step-by-step, but detailed instructions on basic and advanced grooming techniques. This how-to grooming book showcases an exceptional artistic representation, including line drawings and photographs. It is very handy and convenient because of its softcover and spiral binding. 

  • It is developed by a 20-year veteran groomer and master stylist Melissa Verplank.

  • Notes From The Grooming Table is based on the ideal, written breed standards.

  • It is a bestseller book that offers easy-to-read instructions.

  • This book is for both – new as well as seasoned grooming professionals.

  • The guidelines provided in the book are suitable for all dog breeds and coats.

  • A book that has 495 pages include many topics such as general anatomy, tools and equipment, nails and ears, feet and pads, scissoring, carding, and whatnot!

  • Some users claim that there is not suitable information about short hair dogs.

  • Other books provide more information about clippers.

  • Due to its softcover and spiral binding, it may tear apart after a few years.


2. The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide by Sam Kohl

All Breed Dog Grooming GuideThe best thing about this book is that there are two main sections. The first one describes the complete grooming cycle from start to finish. The second part offers instructions related to the grooming of AKC recognized 193 breeds. You will find everything, starting from the eye care to nails and pads here in this dog grooming style guide. 

  • This book is not just a guide. It is a complete grooming course. 

  • It offers coat caring, bathing processes, and also the safety precautions or controls.

  • You will also find out about some common mistakes the groomers do.

  • Each page of this book is full of fantastic advice for new or seasoned groomers.

  • It is easy to follow because of the relevant photos that help you in visualization.

  • As the language used to write this book is simple, it’s easy to understand and follow.

  • There is a complete chart in the book. All the breeds are set in alphabetical order by the name for the reader’s convenience.

  • If you are looking for dog grooming for beginners, this book is not for you.

  • It doesn’t have the show cuts for many dogs, especially poodles and some new breeds.

  • Most breeds have shown correct patterns, but some of the drawings are only of the simple profile.


3. The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming For All Breeds

Stone Guide to Dog GroomingThis book provides a wide range of information on canine beauty culture, history, and development of dog grooming from the beginning. The authors have also shared the basic tricks that can help any groomer to make a big difference in his/her services. It not only includes grooming advice but also some chapters on equipment, setting up a shop, and developing a grooming business from scratch. 

  • It includes grooming instruction for all 125 AKC recognized breeds.

  • The Stone Guide also offers information on mixed breeds and even cats.

  • This dog grooming book shows how to avoid the pitfalls.

  • It includes photographs, illustrations, drawings, and charts that keep it alive.

  • Many specialty clubs have contributed their show grooming sections in this book.

  • Whether you are a newbie, an established groomer, an owner of pets, or just a hobbyist who loves to collect information, this guide can help you in many ways.

  • It has excellent information on breeds, but it is quite weak for clipping and cat’s grooming.

  • Some users explain it as a proper breed description book and not the grooming guide.

  • It is great for beginners, owners of family dogs, and hobbyists, but not for professionals.


4. DIY Dog Grooming (From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show) by Jorge Bendersky

DIY Dog GroomingThis DIY Dog Grooming Book will show you how to take the best care of your dog, regardless of his breed, temperament, or age. It is one of the best dog grooming books online and offline because it helps even the home groomers. Cesar Millan, who offered a foreword, has said that you cannot make excuses for not doing the grooming of your dog all by yourself after reading this book.

  • The author of this book Jorge Bendersky is a celebrity dog groomer in New York City.

  • DIY dog grooming table offers simple and step-by-step instructions for everything.

  • It has some practical solutions to common problems like fleas, ticks, dirt, itch and mud.

  • It also provides creative ideas on how to groom a dog to make him picture-perfect.

  • You can know how to bathe, trim, or take care of his nails, ears, teeth, and lots more.

  • One can also get the best tips and tricks on how to train your dog to stay calm during the home grooming session.

  • As this book is mainly for beginners, the majority of the content is primary and not extraordinary.

  • It is very informative about tools, but only offers instructions on a few cut techniques.

  • It has colorful pictures, but the given information can be found online.


5. Dog Grooming For Dummies

Dog Grooming For DummiesIf you are a person who loves to read a comprehensive book with every small detail, then this guide is perfect for you. Dog Grooming For Dummies is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned groomers. Perhaps the most significant benefit of grooming your dog by yourself is strengthening your bond with him. It can be fun and helps to build trust. This book focuses mainly on that along with some fantastic grooming techniques. 

  • You can train your dog for grooming with the help of this book.

  • Care for nails, teeth, and ears will become easy and super convenient.

  • You can get a step by step guide on how to use clippers and scissors.

  • If you are a newbie, this book will explain how to handle specific types of coats.

  • Dog grooming dummies can also help you to prepare a dog for the show ring.

  • If you want to find a listing of all books and choose from many different subject categories, Dummies offer free sign up for eTips at

  • There is no mention of the breed named Cavaliers. 

  • Many readers are not satisfied with the information about clipping.

  • It is filled with basic knowledge intended for complete beginners.


The Bottom Line

Some dogs are destined for a career in the show ring. The majority of them enjoy their spot on our living room or the couch. Wherever our beloved furry friend belongs, there is no doubt that good grooming is essential.

All these books and friendly guides show how to develop a grooming routine that will keep your dog clean and will also strengthen the bond between you two.

If you ask us, we will suggest you go for the Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank. It includes detailed, step-by-step grooming instructions for all types of coats, age groups, and breeds.

Other books are also helpful, but this one is the best and ultimate dog grooming guide. Do not think much and order your favorite book NOW!

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