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How to Fold a Dog Crate Instructions – Guide to Collapse Dog Crate

Having a dog is almost having a baby. Having a good picnic day with your dog is always the best day. Crates are the comfy zone where your dog feels heaven. Crates are important for indoor dog safety and similarly for outdoors too. Assembling and disassembling the crate is the most tiresome process. Here’s an article that will inform you how to fold a dog crate instructions. Follow the steps below to collapse dog crate easily:

How to Fold a Dog Crate Instructions?

Clear the crate:

The very first thing one should do is clear up the whole crate. Empty the whole crate and remove all the items kept in it. You can not keep anything while the crate is collapsed. You must remove all the blankets, food products, toys, water storage, and any other stuff that is placed in the crate. Also, make sure you remove the bottom liner and opening at the bottom of the kennel. 

Clean the crate:

After you remove everything, the very next step is to clean the crate from inside and outside along with the liners. Use a non-toxic cleaner to clean the crate. Along with the crate also clean the necessities inside the crate like toys, blankets, and other storage bowls. 

Close the top doors:

Now that you see a tremendous shiny crate in front of you, close all the doors of the crate. Make sure to close the front door and top opening doors too. Don’t keep any latch open and keep the crate securely closed.

Follow the manual booklet to disassemble the crate:

If you have noticed well, then while purchasing the crate, a manual booklet of assembling and disassembling the crate will be informed in detail. If you don’t have a manual booklet, then also it is entirely okay, just follow the step. Collapsing a crate is different from crate to crate, so it is advisable to contact the manufacturer and try to maintain the pattern of disassembling the crate. 

Detach the sides and top layers step by step:

Now fold down the shorter panels of the crate. Find the tabs that have short panels at the top of the container. Also, press the wire down to release the tabs and don’t force much. Similarly, detach the sides of the crate. Push in the short sides of the panel and detach the latches one by one. You can easily unhook the latches and do the same for the front and back panels. 

Lift the top panel and fix the crate:

As you detach the latches, now lift the top up and push the sides inside. The way you did for the top panel, do the same for the front and backside too. Now, push the front and back panel inside towards the floor, and this is how the crate will collapse onto itself. 

Disassemble and latch:

Once you see the whole crate folded inside and forms a compact design, now latch the crate at the bottom. That is it; your dog crate is now folded and collapsed; it is now ready to take at different places. You can follow the same way every time you want your crate to disassemble. 

Similarly, you have to follow the simple seven steps to assemble the dog crate. 

  • Remove the crate from the package
  • Insert the plastic pan inside the crate
  • Lift the top layers of the crate
  • Pull up the last layer of the sides
  • Hook the crate well
  • Get an overview of the result and
  • Insert the crate divider properly.

So now move anywhere with full preparation for your dog. Make sure you save the manual booklet for help in disassembling the crate and also take proper care during the whole process. Till then, keep your dog happy.

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