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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Fleece Blankets? – Tips That Definitely Work

Being a pet owner, you must love to cuddle your dog. It might be the first thing in the morning you want to do after waking up. The dogs adore it too. They love such special attention. But, when your cuddling sessions end, you will soon realize that now there is dog hair everywhere! You can see the fur all over on you, your bedsheets, and blankets. No matter how much you love your dog, you always end up hating this situation where you have to clean thoroughly.

Of course, it’s quite normal for your furry friend to shed their coat. They can’t help in that and you, being a master, don’t have any option rather than cleaning everything on your own. Floors and sheets are comparably easy to get rid of dog’s hair than the fleece blanket. Even if you work for half an hour, you will feel like you have reached nowhere! So, here is a useful guideline which can help you to make this process easy and less time-consuming.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Fleece Blankets?

It’s essential to have proper things before you start cleaning the dog’s hair. If you have appropriate cleaning tools, then you can remove the dog’s fur in just 10 minutes! Don’t believe us? Try it by yourself. The best thing about this article is that you can get each item mentioned here in your home! You don’t need to go out to buy them. So, let’s get started with this tutorial.

1. Squeegee for getting Dog Hair Out of Fleece Blankets


Yes, squeegee! You can quickly get rid of the pet hair from fleece blanket with the help of a squeegee. Put your blanket on the floor and start squeegee-ing it. You can see how it can remove all the trapped hair come out. The rubber material and static force are the main reasons behind its performance. Little things help a lot.

2. Rubber Gloves and Rubber Soles

Rubber Gloves and Rubber Soles

You might be using rubber gloves to clean the dishes. But do you know that they can also help you to complete such annoying tasks? Rubber is high friction material. So, when you use it on the fleece blanket, it will cause the trapped hair to lose its grip from the blanket. It is better to use rubber gloves with nubs. Nubs can offer extra resistance and thus, can clean thoroughly. 

Not only gloves, but rubber brooms and rubber shoes can also work similarly. Rubber soles are made from high friction. You just have to wear your shoes and drag your foot across the blanket. You can notice that the hair will be bunched up. Then, simply lift it and continue your process for some time. Also, remember to wash and dry old soles; otherwise, it can leave the stains on your favorite blanket.

3. Lint Roller for getting Dog Hair Out of Fleece Blankets

Lint Roller

Just like your clothes, lint rollers can help you to remove dog hair from fleece blanket. To do the process, firstly, shake your blanket to take the dust and lose pet fur. Then, lay it on the floor or some flat surface. Take a lint roller and keep rolling it for some time. Remove the strip to uncover the new adhesive section. Keep repeating this process until all the hair is removed from the fleece blanket. 

If you don’t have adhesive rollers, then you can also try velcro curlers to remove the pet hair. The hair can be trapped into the velcro curls and help you to remove it from the blanket. 

4. Kitchen Sponge for getting Dog Hair Out of Fleece Blankets

Kitchen Sponge

Get your kitchen sponge and start working. It doesn’t matter if it is dry or damp. Lay down the blanket on the dining table or floor and start rubbing. Take smaller portions. As the sponge is rough, the hair will stick to the sponge, and you can get rid of the dog hair from your fleece blanket. Make sure you don’t put much pressure on the blanket while using the scrub. Otherwise, it may damage the blanket.

5. Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

You may know that there are many options available for vacuum cleaners in the market. Use the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair and remove even a single strand of dog’s fur from your favorite fleece blanket or rugged carpet. Also, vacuum cleaners are safe to use on any material. It is less time-consuming and most convenient if you have a large space or a bigger blanket to clean. And, it hardly takes 10 minutes to complete the whole task! 

So, these are a few ideas to remove dog hair out of fleece blankets. Also, all these options work best even to remove hair of Guinea pigs, cats, rabbits, or ferrets. Apart from these, you can also use sellotape, inflated balloons, spray bottles, and washing machines to get dog hair of blanket. Sellotape and inflated balloons may take more time than others. They make the cleaning process slow. 

6. Removing Hair in Washing Machine 

Removing Hair in Washing Machine

But, washing machines are not time-consuming as you can continue with other work during the washing cycle. Keep the water setting between cold and regular. Use a mild liquid to wash the fleece blanket and dry it for 70 minutes into the dryer. You can also air-dry it, but it may take one or two days!

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