How to Get Dog Odor Out of Blankets: Removal Techniques by Experts

Have you ever thought about your life without your furry friends? I can’t even imagine mine. What would we do if they are not with us? Doggos can do anything, like ANYTHING! In return for their unconditional love, they just need our undivided attention, few toys, a lot of treats, and a cozy blanket. Oh, yes, that’s true. Dogs love their rug like their babies. If you have noticed, they will take the blanket everywhere. They sleep on it, take it on some road trips, play with it, and even chew it sometimes. 

How to Get Dog Odor Out of Blankets?

You can imagine the blanket’s condition after all these activities done by our beloved companions. Well, you know the fact that after some days, these blankets are going to stink. We can’t even stop them even when they take the coverage in the dirty pond! How can we scold our beloved buddies when they are at the peak of their happy vibes and cute faces? 

You can’t deny that the odor problem is also related to your blankets, on which your pets sleep once a while. So, this article is all about getting the dog smell out of blankets. I did a research and got some fantastic ideas that are convenient to follow and easy to apply. I tried them personally, and I just want to say, “We got this!” Let’s start?

1. Routine Wash

How to Get Dog Odor Out of Blankets

Cleaning the dog’s bedding and washing the blankets from time to time is necessary. These healthy habits are not only for removing the smell but also for maintaining the hygiene level. It keeps the dangerous bacterias away, which eventually keeps the dog and house atmosphere safe.

2. Removing the Covers

Remove the bed covers and blankets to place them in the washing machine. If you think that they are filthy and smell really bad, then you have to do intense cleaning. You can use stain removers to get rid of difficult stains. Take the solution and rub it with your hands or any other soft brush before starting the washing cycle. Soaking the blanket for a few hours before washing also helps.

3. Preparing the Washing Cycles

Most of the blankets have their care labels that provide specific cleaning instructions. Some rugs are not meant to be washed in hot water, and some can be cleaned only in hot water. If you are unable to find any specific instructions, choose the middle solution. Prepare a warm water cycle. After that, add one and a half spoon of mild detergent in it. You can also use a liquid solution according to the size of the blanket.

4. Use of Vinegarvinegar

Before starting the cycle, it is recommended to add vinegar. You can pour it into the section of the softener dispenser. Half a cup or 120 ml of white vinegar is more than enough for one cycle. If your machine doesn’t have a slot of softener dispenser, then run the cleaning cycle as usual and add the vinegar just before the final rinse. If you think that the smell is still strong, you can also use a full cup of vinegar to remove the odor. Decide the quantity accordingly.

4. Drying the Blanket

It’s a universal rule that the sun is really a blessing when it comes to the removal of any bad odor or germs. So, hang your dog’s blanket or other beddings in some open area where they can get the sunlight. The sun, along with the outdoor air, can help in neutralizing the stinky odors and freshen the bedding. You can either air dry directly or after finishing the drying cycle of the washing machine. Softy blankets don’t take much time to air dry if they are in the backyard. 

5. Cleaning of the Washing Machine

It is essential to clean the machine after finishing the mission called ‘remove dog odor!’ Also, don’t forget to check out the lint trap. At last, add a half cup of chlorine bleach and run a full hot water wash cycle to clean the machine thoroughly. This process will remove any lingering odors or pet hair. 

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Blankets

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Blankets

Make a schedule of 15 days and bathe your dog regularly. If your dog has severe dermatitis, then you should try weekly cycles. If you want to keep your dog’s blanket fresh, then the best way is to keep your dog clean. If you can’t get enough time to bathe him, then at least wipe his coat and brush/comb his fur daily. It will automatically remove dirt, debris, and other allergens. 

You can use baby or pet wipes to freshen him up. They are safe for the pet skin and don’t disturb the pH level. There is also an option of a vinegar-based deodorizing spray. Fill a spray bottle with 50% of water and 50% of white vinegar and spray it to cover up the bad odor.

These are my favorite pet odor removal techniques. As I have mentioned earlier, these methods are well explained by the experts and then self-tried. If you still feel the dilemma, it’s better that you try it once and see if it works! I am sure that the results you will get after following these steps will blow your mind. Make your doggo super happy with his clean and fresh blanket without any stinky smells

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