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How to Get a Dog to Pee in a New Place | Train Dog to Pee at One Spot

I have seen plenty of cases when the dogs don’t feel comfortable to relieve themselves and hold their pee/potty for hours. There might be a few reasons for that, but the most common theory among all is that they can’t do it in unfriendly areas or in front of unknown people. Some of them may need an enclosed space or unable to pee while they are on walks. However, you can’t take this issue lightly, being a dog owner, for the sake of your canine’s health.

How to Get a Dog to Pee in a New Place

You should train your pet in such a way that he can release his pee even in a new place. This way, it will be easier for you too to travel with your furry friends. Fortunately, this guide will give you several useful ideas on how to get a dog pee in a new place. Don’t worry; potty training is not as difficult as it seems. You just have to be a little patient, a little friendly, and 100% ready with your poochie’s favorite treats. Let’s start.

Train Dog to Pee in Specific Area

Train Dog to Pee in Specific Area

You will be surprised to know how easy it is to train a puppy to pee outside of your house, or on walks, or in a specific place. Puppies are quick learners, and you can see the change in their behavior within a week or so! But, young and old dogs take some time and test your patience. If your dog is not very obedient and a bit stubborn, then the activity might take up to one month or six weeks! Initially, you will need to fix yours as well as his routine and follow it strictly. 

Step 1: Find a Spot

Firstly, you have to find a perfect place all by yourself. You should see a spot that is not so far from your home so that you can save your time each day. Also, it will be helpful for your dog as well at the time of rains or super cold winters. During winters you can also use dog’s diaper for your cute Furr’s safety.

Step 2: Make The Spot Friendly

Once you find the spot, it is suggested to convert that location as dog-friendly as possible. It is very important to make your pet feels safe and comfortable in that area. The more relaxed he feels there, the more likely he will adapt the place for his routine business. 

Step 3: Maintain a Routine

The most crucial factor you should never take for granted is the time! It is essential to fix a routine for any age-group, especially for puppies. The routine includes everything starting from your pooch’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, water intake, and potty timings.

Step 4: Fix a Time

Some dog owners decide the timing and the number of walks according to their work timing. Well, there is nothing wrong with that as far as it’s a fixed time for each session. For example, if you take your pooch out in the morning 8 and evening 6, stay consistent. Your dog will get habituated with those timing, and it will be easier for him to relieve him at the new spot.

Step 5: Train With ‘GO’ Command

One of the quickest ways to train a dog to relieve himself at the new spot is to teach him the ‘GO’ command. Take your dog on a leash and say ‘Go, potty’ or ‘Go, it’s time to pee.’ Give him a little privacy so that he can do his things in peace and more comfortably. If he still doesn’t do it, stay at the same spot for a few more minutes ad keep saying the command until he relieves himself.

Step 6: Treats and Praises

Pets love treats, and praises. They literally crave our attention and taps. So, whenever they do something to impress you, it is essential to motivate them/encourage them with the rewards. When your dog tries to accept the new place for his toilet activities, start giving his favorite treats.

Step 7: Keep the Area Clean

When you are taking your pooch at the new place every single day for his daily business, it becomes necessary to keep that area clean. Bad/unclean areas may demotivate the dog or make him sick. So, try to keep the area clean and dry by following the necessary precautions.

The Bottom Line: Keep Changing the Spots

Keep Changing the Spots

Some of you may not consider it a good idea, but it is essential to change the potty place from time to time. It’s because when a dog gets habituated with one location, he may not release himself at the other spots because of the same training you have given him. Then, you have to start from scratch and prepare your fur baby for the new location. This process may become draining for you as well as your pet. So, use this trick.

Take your dog at the same spot for a few days and then change the direction a bit. Keep him nearby, but don’t let him pee on the old place. Sometimes, you can also allow him to do his stuff in your backyard. He will soon realize that the time cycle of his toilet activities is fixed, but not the spots. This way, he will be ready and feel comfortable in any area you will take him to relieve himself. Problem solved! 🙂 I hope this article helped you the way you were expecting. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more such happy furry articles. 

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