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How to Make a Dog Car Seat? : DIY Safe Car Seat for Your Pooch

Sometimes, we do not get satisfied with the market products even if they are the best for everyone else. And also, when it comes to our favorite member of the family – our furry friend, we just can’t settle for the less. And as we keep treating him as a prince, how can we compromise to his safety while traveling? Isn’t it?

So today, I am going to show an easy idea of DIY dog car seat. It will not only provide your dog safety and comfort but will also save a lot of bucks. So, keep calm and know how to make a dog car seat!

Materials You Will Need

  • Stacking basket (according to the dog’s size)
  • Tote with strong lock
  • Drilling machine
  • Shelf grip liner
  • Belay hooks
  • Measure Tape
  • Sponge or Foamy blanket
  • Rope, Bungee cord, or Shoulder Straps

How to Make Dog Car Seat?

Step 1: Measurement of the Car Seat Space

Take a measuring tape and start measuring the car seat. Make a note of the height and width of the car as you have to place the dog car seat on that. You should also measure the free space it will get after putting the basket seat.

Step 2: Measurements of the Stacking Basket

After taking all the measurements of the car seat, now it’s time to choose the best stacking basket or your pooch. Keep your dog with you while selecting the basket as you have to put him in each basket to decide which one is the most comfortable for him. Once elected, take measurements of the basket and compare it with the car seat figures. It must fit in your car seat.

Step 3: Drilling the Hole in the Basket

If you have decided the convenient basket for your canine, now it’s time to start converting it to the DIY dog car seat. For, first of all, take a drill machine and start drilling the holes in the basket. Drill two holes on the same side of the basket, and keep them in line.

Step 4: Attaching the Belay Clips

After drilling the holes, attach the belay clips in the trenches of both sides. These clips will help you to keep the basket stable with the help of straps. Make sure that you are using the right quality clips just to avoid unexpected accidents.

Step 5: Making of the Cushion to Sit-on

To give a soft, cozy, and comfy sitting is all you want for your pooch while traveling, right? So, do not feel lazy to make a cushion for your furry baby. Take an old bed sheet and cut a square (or the shape of the basket) out of them and wrap the soft pillow up. You can also take soft foam sheets and cover them with the bedsheets to give a smooth sitting to your dog.

Step 6: Putting-up the Adjustable Straps

Now, take the rope or shoulder strap and attach it to the clips you have installed earlier to the holes in the basket. These belts are going to set behind the headrest of your car seat. So, keep them long enough to fulfill this requirement.

Step 7: Install the Animal Restraint

As you have installed two belay clips on one side of the basket, take the opposite side and make a hole in the middle with the help of the drilling machine. Attach a belay clip there. This is so you can hook the pooch to the basket so that they can’t come out from their DIY car seat. It also helps the dog to avoid jerks and to fall off. It works as a safety car belt.

Step 8: Place the DIY Dog Car Seat

Now as you have completed every preparation needed, go to your car and place the homemade car booster seat in the car. Place it upside down so that it won’t move. Don’t forget to set the shelf grip liner accurately to avoid sliding of the basket. Also, it is essential to place the straps behind the headrest.

Step 9: Buckle-up Your Pet

Take a small blanket and put it on the basket pillow. This rug can cover up all the space and make the basket warm. Also, it lessens the chances of scratching or other damages to the skin of the dog. After placing the blanket, let the dog sit in his newly made car seat and buckle him up with the animal restraint. You can also hook it to your pooch’s collar or harness.

Step 10: Get, Set, Po!

After following all the above steps, now it is time to go for a ride with your favorite companion. Your dog is already ready for the fun trip. So you too, take essential identification of your canine, take of the seat cover, get in the car, wear your safety belt, and rock the ride. Your dog is also safe and happy as his seat is comfortable and high enough to get the outer view from the car windows.

That is all! I hope you have found these steps easy and you are inevitably going to try DIY dog car seat soon. This product is most convenient for any dog. There is just a small difference that small dogs need small baskets and space, while the broader breed can take up the whole car seat. But in any of the cases, you will get extra love and affection from your dog. Go and give him the best joyride he deserves. Drive safe and Have a happy journey!

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