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How to Make a Dog Gate Out of Cardboard? : DIY Dog Gate Guide

Dogs are undoubtedly the best companions ever. They love our babies and us the most, and we can’t deny it. But it is also a fact that sometimes they behave crankily and not right, become quite dangerous for our beloved babies or small children. Even their over-possessive nature or love can be the reason for such violent behavior. So, what can we do to avoid that? The primary training and behavioral classes are there, but what there before that or during the training is going on? The answer is the dog gate!

To make a dog gate is an easy task. You can surely get the readymade dog gate from the market, but why to spend a few bucks when you can have fun with the DIY dog gates? Read this article and get the easiest and quickest way to make a dog gate all by yourself.

Things you will need to make a dog gate.

  • Cardboards or old shoeboxes
  • Scissors or Cutter
  • Measurement tape and Duct tape
  • Colouring papers
  • Command hooks and Ribbon

How to Make a Dog Gate Out of Cardboard?

Step 1: Take Measurements

Take MeasurementsThis process is very simple. First of all, take all the measurements of the place where you want to set or fit the dog door.

Step 2: Cutting off the Cardboard

Cutting off the CardboardAfter that, cut the cardboard according to the length so that you can fit it properly. If you are using shoe boxes, then use the tapes and join the boxes according to the lengths. Duct tapes are very reliable for this type of setting.

Step 3: Balance the Boxes

Balance the BoxesUse the flaps of the cardboard to make them stand straight. For maintaining balance and stabilize them, we can alternate the direction of each flap. All the top flaps should be stuck together with the duct tape to make the gate more sturdy.

Step 4: Covering the Gate

Covering the GateGet your favorite paper to cover the cardboard gate. There is also an option of Con-Tact paper. There are a lot of designs available, so go through all of them and match it with your decore where you are fit up the door.

Step 5: Gate Fitting

Gate FittingIf you have the command hooks, the fasten the cardboard to the wall. The ribbon will help you to easily unhook and open the gate. So, when you want to allow your pooch to enter the place, you can simply open the gate by pushing the cardboard.

Note: I can’t promise that this gate will work for everyone or not because it depends on the breed of the dog. But in most cases, it will surely work out well. As it depends on the size of the dog, you have to take more care of the length and width of the cardboard. Use thick cardboard or simply make the double layer. That process will make the gate stronger and more sturdy, and if you have an aggressive pet, then also he cannot break the gate.

So, that’s all. These are the simple five steps to make a DIY dog gate out of cardboard. I hope you get the idea of how we can make the dog gate easily and quickly, without giving many efforts and with the minimum budget. It may become a fantastic project for your kid too! So for what are you waiting? Gather all the materials and start making gates… Enjoy!

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