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How to Stop a Pomeranian from Barking – Tips by a Veterinary Expert

Who doesn’t love these furry little things? We all do. Except, when i open door, when my friend visits my place, even when a sparrow cross by, when I ask for food, when I offer food, when I leave home. Oh my Pomeranian, when will you bark a little less? Since I was having these serious barking issues I tried a couple of things with my dog. Turns out that few worked very effectively and few just screw the plan. Anyways coming back to good tips, I have mentioned a few below which you can use when your Pomeranian barks.

How to Stop a Pomeranian from Barking?

Tip 1:Know your Pommy

1Firstly be aware of the breed of your dog. Mostly, pomeranians are guard dogs, they protect us from every danger. Especially if you are a new Pommy Mommy then be aware, don’t worry and stress if it barks in front of you. They just love you. Once you stop embarrassing them by “shssing” they’ll automatically lessen their voice.

Tip 2: Be a leader

Whenever your pommy barks a lot just give a few tough gestures like a strong eye contact, a stern look, ask to keep quiet in a bit high pitch. This makes your dog feel controlled and someone to be more superior than them. If you keep them in control and disciplined, your dog would obey you and will take your instructions quickly.

Tip 3: Engage them, don’t avoid them

Pomeraniandogsdancingoutside-GettyImages-465087096-0e35022f4dc3491eb939a5085aab09d5Pomeranians are very active and alert dogs. They have this special ability to work more actively than any other breed. If you have a pom at your place, one thing should be taken care of. One has to give a fixed amount of time to the dog. Pom can easily get bored, try to make keep them engaged in activities. If you are working full-time then what you can do is, make a dog house or purchase one. It has a play area where you pom can play with bones, balls, and different toys. This would keep them engaged till you are back home. Once you are home firstly giving them an hour at least. Play with them or take them for a good walk. This way you can keep your Pomeranian busy and energetic.

Tip 4: Familiar to outer world

Dog_Pomeranian_DesktopEveryone knows dogs are very loyal to their masters. This also means they are very close to them. So it may happen a lot of times that you meet someone or guests visits your home and your pom starts barking. This is because your dog is not familiar with people or let’s say outer world. What one can do is take your dog for a walk and let him meet other dogs and people on the street. Invite your friends to your place and play along. This makes your dog comfortable with everyone and will only bark when some unobvious gesture takes place. Whenever you come from work and your dog barks, remember that dog loves you and is really happy to see you. Don’t scold them at that time instead pamper them and they’ll stop barking.

Tip 5: Make your dog familiar with their things.

pomeranian-travelIt happens often that we sit for dinner and dog barks and roam around us smelling food. It is a bit annoying. So, keep your pom updated with their house, food bowl, water bowl. This will help a lot. When you sit to eat, make your dog too. They will get habituated of this pattern will help you to improve their behaviour. 

So you pommy mommy don’t have to worry about your dog’s bark. Practice above tips regularly and you will notice a very good response from your dog. These tiny furry balls should be loved and should be handled with care. 

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