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How to Train a Husky to Not Run Away – Try Different Methods

 If you are reading this article, you might be aware that the breed we are talking about is not just the standard breed. It is Husky, and Huskies are not just that ordinary. They are highly intelligent and energetic, and not only that, but they are also equally sensitive! They bring a smile to our face by showcasing the excitement of going out or getting his favorite food/treat. They jump, they love, and they care; so it’s sad when they try to run away.

Most of the time, we don’t understand is why they behave like this in spite of getting food, water, a comfy bed and lots of love and affection! So it is essential to train your Siberian Husky not to run away. You know, to prepare a dog is the best gift we can give to ourselves. Like this, we can keep our beloved pet safe as well as discipline him to phase out other bad habits too! This article may help you with that. Have a look.

How to Train Your Husky?

When we talk about Husky, ‘running’ is the thing that they live for! They are built like that, and after some time, they don’t bother whether you are supervising them or not while running. They will surely find a way to do it on their own. The Siberian Husky needs at least half-hour of exercise (excluding his playtime) every day to burn off his excess energy. So, it is essential for us to understand their requirements to train them.

Step 1: Make a Plan

Training your Husky not to run away is not an easy task. First of all, there should be a plan and some possible reasons for their running away. As you know, we can’t find solutions if we don’t know the exact issue! Know the point, make a plan. Define some tasks, and then start tackling the problem.

If your Husky is just a few days old, then you will be amazed by their learning capacity and response. You may get positive results in only fifteen days. But, if you adopt an older dog, then there are chances to have stubborn or unfriendly behavior. In such cases, you have to stay calm and help your dog to forget about the real taste of running away. It may take a month or two! But once you complete your training, you will never have to worry about your Husky.

Step 2: Getting Started

To train a Husky, you must have few items with you all the time; like a long leash, dog collar, or harness, etc. You will also have to make some arrangements in your house; like secure fencing or fixing baby gates, etc. Also, make sure to have some of his favorite treats or small pieces of his favorite food item. The best way to train a Husky or any other breed is to have some patience and his favorite food.

Apart from that, you must have a plan to spend a few minutes or an hour (if convenient) each day to train your Husky. Try to arrange a yard or nearby fields so that you both can have a wide training area. Once you have all of these, take a deep breath, wear a positive attitude, and start working.

Step 3: Positive Reinforcement

Make a list of activities a Siberian Husky loves and start teaching him the basic puppy commands like sit down, stand up, stay here, shake yourself, rollover, etc. Your Husky must understand that ‘nothing is free in this life,’ and if he delivers what you want from him, he will get all he loves like playing, petting, pampering, massaging, or a grand outdoor walk with his favorite master.

On the other hand, you must be kind to him always and whenever he obeys your command, don’t ignore his efforts and don’t go away without petting him and saying some positive words like ‘good boy’ or ‘well done my champ,’ etc. He will surely follow your lead in this way and try to build confidence to feel safe and secured.

Other Supportive Methods

These three golden steps are the best solution of how to train your Husky without any fuss and compromises. Apart from these steps, you can also try various methods. For example; you can call his name and reward each time when they come to you. You should continue this process always, even when you are outside. Don’t forget to lose the leash gradually and be consistent to train them in a better way. NEVER frighten him.

Also, fulfill all his basic needs and don’t be lazy on that part to make him super happy and obedient. Consistent food routine, his favorite toys and people, his exercise and playing time, etc. must be constant. If you want, you can obscure their view to removing his temptation to go to the outside world. Gates, fencing, and his not-so-favorite bushes may work well to serve this purpose.

Make your pet the best dog by using these tactics. Always remember that Huskies can disappear like magic, so it is necessary to train him from the beginning or to take much more care than required. Once done, you will find out that Huskies are the most beautiful breed you can ever have as a pet. They are charming, friendly, sensitive, and loyal. We should love them always, but implanting discipline is a must. Enjoy. 🙂

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