Plott Hound Lab Mix – Complete Guide on Labrador Plott Hound Mix

Dogs are love. If you are one of the admirers, you would know how difficult it is to select a specific breed simply because you love them all. Coming down to one breed feels less for sure. However, with the advancements, we can get hybrid dogs. There is so much about them that might interest you. 

It becomes a very novel experience for adopters when looking to adopt a crossbreed between two purely-bred dogs. It is not just because you get to brandish a unique looking canine but also for the variety of surprises that lie in store for you! Surprises such as, you can never exactly guess what the final weight and size of the puppy will be when it grows and the total suspense of the coat color and temperament of your little friend. 

One such crossbreed that astonishes you with its features is Plott Hound Lab Mix. Some interesting characteristics of these creatures with paws are:

Plott Hound Lab Mix

Lab Hound Mix


The Lab Hound crossbreeds are very good-natured, loving, and warm canine that is cheerful meeting anyone, just like Lab parents. The features from the Hound side, such as being focused, energetic, and depending on the person you asked. On the other hand, these dogs can be relentless and stubborn at times.


This Plott Hound Lab Mix dog has a great mix of traits it inherits from its parents. They can be both positive and negative. This fact makes it really harder to predict just what kind of pet you will have when it grows older and what to expect from it. That’s the beauty of having a Plott Hound Lab, mixed-breed dog. Just like wrapped presents, you’ll never know what you’ll get. However, you can cherish the positives and work on the negatives. You can always study the parent dogs to get a plan of how to raise the crossbreed dog.


The appearance of a Lab Hound mixed breed puppy like this could be any blend of its parents. But to predict how your puppy will look, you have to examine his parents to see what traits he could inherit. Labrador and Hound both are known for their sweet personalities and their stamina and endurance. This is one of the main reasons you cannot say no to this crossbreed. 

Labradors come in the category of medium-sized dogs, and their coats are of three colors generally:- yellow, chocolate, and black. And their so-called “all-weather” fur is both short and thick. Whereas the Plott hound is also a medium-sized dog, muscular, yet streamlined, and very energetic. They carry their head high and have powerful jaws. It’s quite hard to generalize a hound appearance. There will be more luck if you try predicting your puppy’s appearance by looking at the specific Hound as a parent.


It doesn’t matter which hound breed is used in your Lab hound mix; what is essential is to socialize your dog well. Proper socialization is very crucial as a pup itself, as it helps to assure that the adult dogs grow to be happy, friendly, and confident. It helps to minimize aggression towards people and also other animals, particularly the fear-based aggression. 

So, no matter how the Lab hound mix you are getting, make sure to socialize them well to as many people and places as possible before they are 12 weeks old. Even though one parent will be the Labrador – which is known for being extra friendly, it still needs to be socialized. Even the friendliest breeds can benefit from it.

This has been all about their characteristics. We are sure you might still be confused if you should get one or not. Well, let us make it easier for you. Here are some reasons for which most people adopt this hybrid. You can go through them and decide on your own. 

Reasons Why You Should Have Plott Hound Lab Mix

why you should have Plott Hound Lab Mix

  1. Despite its size, a Plott Hound Lab mix is one of the friendliest dogs around. Thanks to its genes, this dog loves the company of people and is eager to please them. They also enjoy following and staying by its owner’s side a lot. 
  2. They love going on adventures. Lab Hound cross is athletic, agile, and adventurous. They are an excellent companion to take on family trips. This dog also loves to swim, so that a beach vacation will be more entertaining.
  3. Hounds are scent dogs, so it’s no surprise that its offspring will also have an intense nose. Hence this dog has a fantastic sense of smell. They can literally follow a scent for hours. You don’t have to worry about losing your stuff as your mixed breed dog can actually find it for you.

Not so Fascinating Qualities of the Lab Hound Mix

Fascinating Qualities of the Lab Hound Mix

  1. These dogs might have inherited the Hound’s tendency to the bay. In the Hound group, the dogs are known for “baying,” a very loud and exclusive vocalization. Unfortunately, the sound can sometimes be unsettling, and not everyone accepts it or might feel pleasant towards it. However, being a dog lover: this won’t be an issue for you.  
  2. They are lousy guard dogs. The Labrador influence means this dog is generally friendly and happy to be around humans. While they sometimes show alertness around strangers, it doesn’t get alarmed with unknown people in its territory. If you don’t want your little friend to bark on every person that comes, then it won’t be a problem at all. 
  3. One more important thing to be kept in mind is that its size and energy levels mean it needs a family living in a home with ample space and an enclosed yard if possible. This is actually very crucial since this dog is excitable when confronted with rabbits or other small animals. Still, on the other hand, they can be excellent apartment pets as well.

Mixed breed dogs like the Lab Hound Mix are totally unpredictable. They can also end up being the best dogs for you due to their over-friendly nature towards humans. It also demands a lot of attention and regular exercise very frequently, so you have to be confident you can meet its needs. If you’re successful in doing this, you’ll have a loving and the most faithful life companion, and what else do you need?  

We have provided you with everything that you need to know before choosing these little creatures. Not that you know it all, it’s your call to make. However, Lab Hound Mix is a companion worth having. We hope we have helped you in making a wise decision.

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