Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Reviews

Dogs converse with the help of barking, but at times it becomes worse. To manage your pet’s yelping, many dog bark control devices are available on the market. All these devices are quite expedient that will control the barking of your dog. All the pet lovers must be interested in knowing about best dog control devices, so in this post, I would like to discuss the best bark controlling devices so that you can make a perfect choice.

The question comes in the mind of the user as what is the best dog barking control device?

The barking control device teaches the pups that when they bark negative things happen. So to halt negative response, the dogs try to hold their barks. These devices can be used for the hunting dogs. Even domestic pups can be trained by it. Nowadays you will see that dog barking control devices are available in the extensive range. I will discuss the best anti-barking devices that are ultrasonic in detail, but before that, I would like to make you aware of the dog barking device categories.

Types of Dog Barking Control Devices

Sound Emitter: It uses the power of sound in the form of remote devices or collars to deject the barking of the dog. Whenever the dog barks, the sensor will identify and spread the ultrasonic sound. Only dogs will be able to hear the sound that comes in high-pitched. This sound will be unpleasant to stop the barking of your dog. They will be surprised with the triggered sound. In case your pet does not stop yelping then you will observe that to a fixed point the sound will increase. No need to worry about the rising sound as it will be within safe limits. Until your pooch stops barking the sound will be heard from the device.

Anti-Bark Collar: It produces small electric shock by employing collar. Present shock collars are delimited to safe levels of shock as compared to past collars. Your pooch can become destructive or dreadful if you misuse it, so you have to make use of it carefully for your faithful friend. Your doggie will get surprised by the slight shock which in turn stops the barking of your pet.

Sprays: Dogs do not prefer odor of citronella too much. So if it is sprayed on the dog’s face whenever they bark, then it will help in reducing the barking. On your pooch’s face, you can spray the mixture of citronella and water with the aid of the anti-bark device. There is the certain configuration in these devices that will provide you the facility of spraying. Whenever you find your dog barking, then you can spray this solution. You can find water spraying collars too which are effective but can provide unpleasantness to your dog.

Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control

1) Ortz Dog-Ultrasonic Sound Repellent Repeller

Ortz-Dog-WhistleOrtz is the barking deterrent that can catch the attention of the barking dog. It is the whistle that works commendably. It not only checks the barking but also helps in training your puppy. It is loud and works well. The quality built product is quite adjustable.


  • It trains your day easily by teaching commands like come, stop barking, sit and much more.
  • You can train your dog by giving instructions freely. The dog will become your devoted friend if you reward them with a positive behavior approach.
  • You can keep your friend disciplined in public places by making use of master calls.
  • The protective cover will protect your whistle from dirt. It is an effective way of developing a communicative bond with your dear pet.


  • It produces the deafening noise.
  • Some users experience that tones are too low to catch the attention of the dog.

2) Hoont Electronic Handheld Ultrasonic Bark Stopper and Dog Deterrent

Hoont-Electronic-Handheld-DogHoont Electronic Handheld Tool is easy to use. The size of it is compact that even fits into the pocket. You can carry it around the house without too much bulk. It works within the 50-foot range.


  • It prevents undesirable behavior like digging, barking and chewing on furniture.
  • It produces a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that is irksome to dogs and at the same time it is soundless to the human.
  • It effectually pauses barking and from up to 50 feet away threatens the dogs.
  • It is the handy device that you can carry in your pocket while walking, cycling and jogging. It is 4×2.5 inches in sizes.
  • It uses the battery of a 9-volt alkaline battery. It is fully harmless and safe to humans and dogs.
  • It features led flashlight that acts as a battery indicator.


  • It does not work properly for big dogs. Not useful for all the dogs.
  • Some people complaints about its flimsy and fragile construction.
  • Sometimes the device is unable to stop a dog’s barking.

3) Petsafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent

PetSafe-Outdoor-Ultrasonic-BarkThe Petsafe outdoor ultrasonic act as the dog barking silencer. It works very well, and the timer serves as an excellent feature that controls barking and conserves battery.


  • It is suitable for 50-foot range and for larger yards it adds extra units.
  • To reduce excessive barking, it uses ultrasonic sound.
  • It includes low battery indicator.
  • It makes use of the replaceable 9-Volt alkaline battery.


  • Maybe some dogs won’t be responsive to ultrasonic correction.
  • For some, it works as the bark enticer instead of a bark deterrent.
  • The devices act as the hit or miss experience on barking dogs.

4) DOGTEK Sonic Birdhouse Bark Control Outdoor/Indoor

DOGTEK-Sonic-Bird-House-Bark-ControlDOGTEK served a well-built sonic dog correction device that works really well on dogs. It helps in curbing the yappy dog problem. The barking dogs stop their barking without being hurt. The unit is very well built.


  • Within the range, it is effective for most dogs.
  • For outdoor and indoor use, it is weatherproof and long-lasting.
  • It uses 6 AA batteries for functioning.
  • It has one XL ultrasonic loudspeaker with three built-in bark sensors.
  • The four sensitivity settings indicate the level of barking.


  • In starting it works efficiently but after the use of some days, it may not work well.
  • It can be broken quickly.
  • Sometimes it does not work as the dog continues barking.

5) Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

Dog-Dazer-IIDog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent works great. In few minutes the barking dogs come to normal state. It is effective that works as the correction device for barking dogs.


  • It works as the handheld dog bark prevention device.
  • The ultrasonic technology is latest that proves to be inoffensive to the pets.
  • You will observe that it works up to twenty feet.
  • It features low battery indicator and belt clip.


  • It does not work for every type of dog.
  • Some users’ complaint that it works for the shorter time.
  • It is not always working on larger dogs.

6) Zomma Ultrasonic Outdoor Anti-Bark Controller

zommaZomma Ultrasonic Outdoor Anti-Bark Controller is safe and efficient for most sizes and breeds of dogs. It trains puppies not to bark and also helps in stopping your neighbor’s barking dog.


  • It releases an ultrasonic sound to resolve the problem of the dog barking.
  • It comes in lovely designed birdhouse unit.
  • It has the sensitive microphone that checks barking up to 50 feet away.
  • To keep your dog or neighbors’ dog from barking it can be hung or mounted on a tree or wall.


  • It does not prove successful on all the barking dogs.
  • The life of the battery seems to be low.
  • It is not effective for more than one barking dog at a time. So it should be avoided in the loud neighborhood where more than one dog is prone to barking.

All the information mentioned above will provide you the great help in solving the problem of the dog barking. Whether your pet barks or your neighbor’s dog, you can try any of the product of your choice in accordance to your preference and choice. Hope you will be greatly benefitted by going through the information about ultrasonic devices intended to prevent dog barking.

DOGTEK Sonic BirdhouseDazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent
RangeUp to 50 ftUp to 25 ft.
Battery Operated9v Battery9v Battery
Sensitivity ControlDistance ControlNo Sensitivity Control
Indoor/outdoorOutdoorIndoor, Outdoor
Weather ResistantWeather ResistantUnknown

Buying guide of Anti Barking Device

At times people feel like to stop the noise produced by the barking of your doggie. It is not the tough deal to get rid of the dog’s barking. In this day and age, lots of devices are available on the market that will surely provide you immense help. But before moving ahead, you must consider some important guidelines to purchase an anti-barking device. Let’s have a look at the following points which will make your purchase worthy and valuable.

Research before finalizing – As a dog owner you always prefer comfortable life for your loving pooch. Make sure that before finalizing any anti-barking device for your beloved doggie you do rigorous research on the same. You can shortlist the valuable devices by the reviews and feedback. Plan the list of the requirements you prefer for your pet and then proceed to buy the best device that suits you and your pet comfortably.

Avoid first pet store – It would be worth if you don’t blindly follow the first pet store that comes across to you when you are buying the anti barking device. To check the quality and price of the products you have to visit few pet stores to have an idea which will help you in best deal. Ignore buying from the first pet store that comes across to you as it will not provide you the competitive deal.

Carelessly don’t follow recommended store – Act as a caring dog owner so that you can enjoy good purchase with your pet. Compare the products of different stores and then finally draw a conclusion regarding best anti-barking device rather than carelessly or blindly following the recommended product. You know very well what you and your four-legged friend require. You can take help of online stores that provide information about various products related to dog collars, food and much more. Searching online will save your time if you face hectic schedule. Many online stores also provide substantial discounts which will provide your device with the much reasonable price.

Follow the points as mentioned above so that you don’t have to repent in future for any unworkable purchase. Any useless product can cause harm to your beloved pet and also waste your money along with pain to you and your pet as you must be emotionally attached to your furry friend. Be particular before finalizing any device so that you and your pet both can enjoy in future.Research before finalizing

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